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Unique, naturally pure Italian liqueur specialty from the peels of sun-ripened Sicilian organic lemons. The scent of fresh limes opens up a taste experience with a perfect play of sweet and acid. The pleasant, harmonious finish is followed by a reverberation that reflects the full aroma of the probably best known tropical fruit. Its reduced sugar content and moderate alcohol make it even more attractive.

Serve Limoncello biologico well chilled, but not from the freezer.

Serving suggestion:

• pure in the liqueur bowl at 4 ° C as a digestive

• 2 cl limoncello biologico and 8 cl prosecco, a handful of berries of your choice, a fruit skewer for garnish.

• 3 cl limoncello biologico, 3 cl gin with citrus note, ½ lemon, ice cubes, fill with mineral water and garnish with a lemon zest and lemon balm.

Serve well chilled as a summer drink.

20 cl 25 % vol


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