The year 1379 the Lagrein vine was mentioned for the first time as "bonum Lagrinum". The most suitable areas for this vine are located near Bozen and Meran. From there comes the raw material rich in aromas for this extraordinary distillate.

Through a perfect distillation in small waterbath stills in autumn 2009 we obtained a grappa of excellent structure suitable for the aging process in Barrique started in the following year. Following with particular care the aging process after 89 long months we consider the Grappa Lagrinum XO Riserva Imperiale with its complex aromatic profile of fruity notes, honey, vanilla, excellent harmony and long persistence on the palate a true concert of olfactory sensations.

It is advisable to serve this rarity at a temperature of 18 ° C in a Cognac glass.

50 cl 40 % vol


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